Arboretum Foundation

A community project focused in increasing people's ecological awareness in the heart of Marbella
Center for Environmental Education
Arboretum Foundation
Marbella, Spain
Finca el Trapiche, Marbella Spain.

Arboretum Foundation, actively works to create spaces, projects, activities, opportunities and information that allows people to generate a positive attitude of change towards an ecological paradigm that entails peace, harmony and coexistence within the natural limits of our planet.

Permaculutre training

Eutopía is a project in the heart of Marbella. it is the only urban and ecological garden that the city has, our aim is to create an inter-generational project focused in producing food sovereignty and healthy food for the community and a re-connection with the land.

Afternoon meeting Holones project

Training through different workshops, meetings and activities is a fundamental part of this environmental project. We try to offer a learning space where we can face the challenges that we encounter through our experiences.

Planting trees

Recovering the territory, through practices of soil regeneration, reforestation and conservation of native species, is one of our priorities. To do this, we welcome  visitors to our stimulating, attractive and educational environment. Parque Arboretum Marbella, is incorporated into the city as a green space, integrating the community and promoting citizen participation, through various activities. Our park has a conservation garden of trees and shrubs of native species from our region and a space specifically dedicated to habitat restoration (Alcornocal).