“Life depends on the small things we take for granted”

Alejandro César Orioli

Most cherished projects

Arboretum Foundation

A community project focused in increasing people's ecological awareness in the heart of Marbella

Nest Farm

An oasis in the desert of Jeddah, a family farm designed using permaculture.

Buchinger Wilhelmi Clinic

A commitment of the Buchinger Wilhelmi Clinic, with the purpose of producing high quality food in an ethical and sustainable way.

Fazenda Catuçaba

A conservationist and regenerative project for the land and their communities in the Brazilian mountains.

“Let's not destroy the essential, to create the superfluous.”

Alejandro César Orioli

What matters
to me

Pachamía was born from my ecological conscience and the will to contribute to a paradigm shift.

We must redesign the human presence on Earth, our one and only common home.

By seeing, thinking and living differently; deeply questioning our worldview and our value systems, we can transform humanity.

Together we are able to create a regenerative human presence on Earth with a biocentric view.

My contribution is to get actively and passionately involved in the different projects that go in this direction, to promote life and the balance of the system that we are part of.

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