Fazenda Catuçaba

A conservationist and regenerative project for the land and their communities in the Brazilian mountains.
Permaculture and Farm design
Fazenda Catuçaba
Sao Luiz do Paraitinga - Brazil
In Catuçaba, nature breath in us.

Fazenda Catuçaba is surrounded by forest reserves. An old coffee farm of 700 hectares located in a mountain range. There is a remain of stories about the deep relationship with the Brazilian soul, with the simple beauty of recognizing the birds and their songs, waking up in the sun, drinking pure water, eating food freshly harvested from the land. The farmhouse dates from 1850.  We are learning a new way of relating with the world and the people, discovering experiences that only a real connection with nature can bring.

Morning meeting

We seek to live in community and in a direct and respectful relation with nature, which provides us with everything we need for our self-sufficiency.

Fresh onions

We thank the land for its abundance, with regenerative practices we contribute to the fertility of the soil and the biodiversity of the place.


We are all searching for meaning like never before. And the source of this meaning we can found it in nature. Nature is the path to spirituality and self-transformation.