Nest Farm

An oasis in the desert of Jeddah, a family farm designed using permaculture.
Permaculture and Farm design
Private client
Jeddah - Saudi Arabia

Taking notes about land topography

Nest Farm, is a 30 hectare farm, aiming to supply food to a Saudi family of 70 members. A multifunctional space for the production of organic vegetables, a diverse variety of fruits and production of sheep meat.

Growing vegetables in the desert

Under the harsh conditions of the desert is possible to cultivate, as long as there is a management that prioritizes the regeneration of the soil and the use of old plant varieties adapted to the climate.

Water, the key element to grow

A conscious management of the most valuable resources in this territory, helps the plant production and recovery of the place simultaneously.


Increasing the organic matter on the ground and Improving the condition of the soil, we can grow fruit trees adapted to the 79 mm of rainfall water received annually with a  little help from irrigation.